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    Suzanne Perlmutter

    About the Artist: 

    As I travel the world over, having lived in Andalucía, Spain, for the last 3 1/2 years, I have been able to get a glimmer to understand this ancient place and how cultures have integrated for thousands of years. It is this story that I aim to share, from a children's point of view. Hence, I have discovered a joy within cultures and people of Andalucía, that I offer in the form of Children’s Stories and illustrations.

    I grew up in New Yorkin the 70’s—a period that is the most fascinating for me as an artist. It was a time when mankind was able to exchange culture and artistry and re-form as a society. I recall sitting in the United Nations General Assembly, listening with the headphones to the world’s problems, through the means of various interpreteurs. This exchange of language and ideas occurred as a result of the International and technological advances, which has continued to this day, and has only become more available.

    As a society, I am compelled to study how culture and people change through the process of re-tooling! And it is this process of re-tooling whereby— we change! For me, as an artist, the challenge is of remembering and integration of past and present which informs how I create in order to give meaning to children from all walks of life.

    Tres Amigos Producciones (TAP)

    Tres Amigos Producciones is a small In-House Publishing Company designed to promote and advance a multi-language environment. It came about due to my own journey to learn the language of Spanish. While living in Andalusia, I came to observe children and their natural capacity to learn languages. To them it is play! I then became fascinated with the idea of multicultural storytelling as a means to encourage language development, both for children and adults.  As a result, Tres Amigos Producciones has developed various childrens stories in a series of translations - including Spanish, French, Hebrew, and more.

    Tres Amigos Producciones and its many In-House Publications, looks at how language is the common ground that can transform our world on a daily basis through technology.   Today, the internet has expanded our ability to have international communications; and TAP offers short stores for children that makes this communication skillboth accessible and fun. 

    I hope you enjoy Tres Amigos Producciones.
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    The Happy Hat

  • Alfonso & Gitmo the Rooster Image

    Alfonso & Gitmo the Rooster

  • Oscar the Carrot Image

    Oscar the Carrot

  • The Owl and the Pussycat (ENG/SPA) Image

    The Owl and the Pussycat (ENG/SPA)

  • The Owl and the Pussycat (ENG/POR) Image

    The Owl and the Pussycat (ENG/POR)

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    El Sombrero Feliz

  • Alfonzo y Gitmo, el Gallo Image

    Alfonzo y Gitmo, el Gallo

  • Oscar, la Zanahoria Image

    Oscar, la Zanahoria

  • El Buho y El Minino (ENG/SPA) Image

    El Buho y El Minino (ENG/SPA)

  • Si Vas Pa La Mar (SPA/ENG) Image

    Si Vas Pa La Mar (SPA/ENG)

  • Le Chapeau Joyeux (French) Image

    Le Chapeau Joyeux (French)

  • Oscar, la Carotte (French) Image

    Oscar, la Carotte (French)

  • A Coruja e a Gatinho (Portuguese) Image

    A Coruja e a Gatinho (Portuguese)

  • Alfonzo & Gitmo, the Rooster (Hebrew) Image

    Alfonzo & Gitmo, the Rooster (Hebrew)

  • Si Vas Pa La Mar (SPA/POR) Image

    Si Vas Pa La Mar (SPA/POR)