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Alfonso & Gitmo the Rooster

Suzanne Perlmutter

July 2021 978-1-955096-02-7

In the south of Spain, the bells ring every day to remind us of how we are connected to the Old World. Within the Ancient City of Azula, is the answer where we can hear the ancient bells resonate on the old walls and tell a story that sings of the past!

The sounds of the ancient bells offer a view into a world where people have time to remember their story with each passing day.

This is a story about an old man named Alfonso, however, he is a character that's timeless! For in fact, he is the timekeeper of the bell tower! Time resonates for Alfonso, and his friend, Gitmo the Rooster - where they both work together keeping time for the entire community of Azula.

Together, Alfonso and Gitmo, the Rooster, offer many lessons to the community. It is their friendship, and the responsibility to keep time that shows us how wonderful life is when we work together, and celebrate life's passing.

One day, Gitmo forgot to crow at the break of dawn. Alfonso, being blind, was not able to find him, and it was a real problem. Alfonso woke up late in the morning, due to his lost friend, Gitmo, the Rooster. The rest of the town's people were so confused! The children arrived at school late, as well as the teachers. It led to a search of the whole village to find Dear Gitmo!